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  • SB-X046 W900紅色隱藏扣手右卷簾門活動柜(左扣手右卷門)
    SB-X046 W900紅色隱藏扣手右卷簾門活動柜(左扣手右卷門)
    • SB-X046 W900紅色隱藏扣手右卷簾門活動柜(左扣手右卷門)
      SB-X046 W900紅色隱藏扣手右卷簾門活動柜(左扣手右卷門)
      • SB-X046 W900紅色隱藏扣手右卷簾門活動柜(左扣手右卷門)
        SB-X046 W900紅色隱藏扣手右卷簾門活動柜(左扣手右卷門)

        SB-X046 W900紅色隱藏扣手右卷簾門活動柜(左扣手右卷門)

        冷軋鋼板 H600*W900*D450
        定制化 立即咨詢
        Brand: DBin Type Handle Type Model: SB-X046 Product Name Mobile caddy Handle-RH tambour
        Dimension: H600*W900*D450 Color: White/Black/Red/Green/Blue/Customized N.W.: 38.0KG G.W.: 41.0KG
        Structure: Assembled structure Container load: 87pcs(20ft), 179pcs(40ft),217pcs (40hq) Material: Cold rolled steel plate,Tambour door is ABS Load Capacity: 80KG
        Production capacity: 45000Pieces per Month Packing: 1pc one carton (Simple packing, Standard packing) Delivery date: 25 days when received advance payment Thickness: 0.7mm before powder coating
        1.All-steel firm structure and lockable function guarantee the safety of your personal belongings
        2.White folding key lock convenient to carry. Three management lock ( have master key, change barrel key);Guobao Code lock is also optional
        3.Full-extension ball bearing drawer slides provide easy access to all folders
        4.The pencil tray in the first drawer is for storing your office supplies
        5.The file drawer with adjustable hanging bar can hang A4 size,letter size or legal size hanging file folders to keep your document organized
        6.4 casters with 360° rotation: the first two casters can be locked
        7.One adjustable shelf in the tambour cabinet.
        8.The tambour is  made of ABS plastic,  it's environmentally friendly and safe
        1.Strict multi-layer quality control process to ensure the product delivery qualified rate
        2.Laser welding machine weld the gap of  drawer panel, gap uniform, product tolerance is small
        3.Robot arm welding weld the cabinet body. High production efficiency
        4.Reasonable design of product size, meet the use needs of various stations, meet the ergonomic design
        5.The cabinet body is full welded and stability
        6.The top is made of  0.7mm steel plate and is used to make the cabinet strong and load-bearing
        7. The design of handle(Handle style), meet the ergonomic design, feel good
        8.Drawer dimension design is the most reasonable, the space that the biggest possibility USES cabinet body

        9.Drawer box with Inner drawer panel is beautiful,  intimate pencil tray configuration convenient tidy space
        10.File cabinet drawer with adjustable moving rod to meet all files sizes
        11.Three sections full slide track design, easy to access documents
        12.Sliding rail holes of cabinet are designed in a reasonable size and position to prevent small objects from falling
        13.Cabinet body goes up slippery track orifice and side board are an organic whole, ensure the position of 3 drawers more easily parallel, ensure beautiful
        14.The front two brake wheels ensure the cabinet is stable, and the fifth support wheel is designed to prevent the cabinet from toppling
        15.The bottom wheel frame is 1.2mm thick steel plate to ensure the stability of the cabinet
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